Single Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In Maryland motorcycle accidents do not always involve another vehicle. Often times a motorcycle accident is the result of the motorcycle driver attempting to get out of the way of another vehicle being driven by a reckless or distracted driver. By trying to avoid being hit the motorcyclist can inadvertently end up in a single vehicle motorcycle accident. The resulting motorcycle accident does not automatically mean that the motorcycle driver was at fault.

If you, a loved one or someone close to you has been hurt, injured or killed in a single motorcycle accident call Harford County Maryland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer David Batzer at 410 879 2002 in Harford County. In Cecil County please dial 410 392 6300. You can also contact Mr. Batzer via email by clicking here. Mr. Batzer serves those hurt and injured in motorcycle accidents throughout all of Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties. Mr. Batzer will aggressively fight to get you any and all medical benefits and monetary compensation you are entitled to.

Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident Causes In Maryland

Operating or riding a motorcycle may be a very liberating means of transportation but it also comes with risks. Sometimes other drivers do not properly share the road or highway with a motorcycle. If someone driving a car or truck is driving recklessly it is up to you to avoid being hit by them. Avoiding being hit can force you to collide with other objects on the street or roadway such as: buildings, trees, parked cars, guardrails and medians. Other common causes of single vehicle motorcycle accidents and wrecks are dangerous roadways, loose gravel, inclement road conditions and construction zone debris.

Determining Liability In A Maryland Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

Establishing who is at fault in a single vehicle motorcycle accident in Harford County is a very complex task. Often times the driver who you swerved to avoid hitting continues driving down the road after your accident. Speaking with witnesses and bystanders is often very crucial in a single vehicle motorcycle accident. If your accident was due to construction zone debris, work zone rubbish, loose gravel or perhaps a dangerous or uneven stretch of road. Ultimately liability may fall on the state, contractors, subcontractors and municipalities. A skilled and experienced Bel Air Maryland Motorcycle Accident Attorney will determine who is liable for your injuries and help you recover any financial losses such as medical bills, medication costs, pain and suffering.

Contact A Bel Air Maryland Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

If you have been the victim of a single motorcycle accident in Baltimore County, Harford County or Cecil County call The Law Office of David Batzer at 410 879 2002 in the Bel Air area. In the Perryville or Elkton, Maryland area dial 410 392 6300. You can also reach the firm via email by clicking here. Harford County Single Bike Accident Attorney David Batzer operates on a contingency fee basis meaning that he charges nothing unless he recovers on your behalf.

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