Who He Represents

Injuries in the workplace can be very traumatic for the injured party and their families. This is both physically as well as emotionally. They can experience lost wages, costly medical, therapy & surgery bills. Also, a work related injury or accident can be catastrophic resulting in loss of use, loss of limb, partial disability, full disability or even paralysis. At The Law Office of David Batzer we represent those who have developed or experienced an accident, injury, illness or syndrome in the workplace. With our years of experience we have a tremendous amount of skill in helping those in the following, although not limited to, fields and industries:

Office Workers
City, State & Government Employees
Warehouse Employees
Factory Workers
Union Employees
Machine Operators
Construction Workers
Health Care Workers
Auto Accident Victims
Truck Accident Victims
General Personal Injury Victims

With an office in Bel Air, MD and over 25 years experience Maryland Workers Compensation & Auto Accident Lawyer David Batzer has a deep working knowledge of how to handle Maryland Workers Compensation, SSDI, Personal Injury & Auto Accident cases. To discuss what benefits you may be entitled to please call 410 879 2002. In Cecil County call 410 392 6300 or click here to email us.