Maryland Motor Tort Lawyer

A general legal term for any wrongdoing is a tort. By definition a tort is a civil wrong or breach of duty to another person as outlined by law. A very common type of tort is operating a motor vehicle in a negligent manner that causes property damage and or bodily injury. The person committing the tortious act or causing the accident is called the tortfeasor.

If you, a loved one or family member have been hurt, injured or killed in an auto accident please call Bel Air Maryland Car Accident Lawyer David Batzer at 410 879 2002. In Cecil County please call 410 392 6300. You can also email Mr. Batzer here. With many years experience handling auto cases in Harford & Cecil County Maryland he will get you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. Elkton, Maryland Car Accident Lawyer David Batzer offers free consultations to car accident victims and their families. He charges nothing unless he recovers on your behalf.

Types Of Motor Tort Accidents In Maryland

A motor tort is essentially a car accident. There are many types of motor torts involving every type of car, truck and automobile there is. These can be:

Automobile Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Mass Transit Accidents

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

How Is Liability Determined In Motor Tort Accidents In Maryland

In Maryland motor tort cases the law decides who the negligent party or parties are. Sometimes liability in an auto accident can be very easily determined. Other times, if the accident was complicated with multiple vehicles, causes and potentially responsible parties, deducing who is liable, and for what damages or expenses can be extremely convoluted. A skilled Havre De Grace Auto Accident Attorney will be able to determine liability, make those parties obligated legally and get you the compensation, as well as benefits you and your family deserve.

What Happens In Maryland Auto Accidents After Liability Is Established

Once liability is established most motor tort cases in Maryland are resolved via settlement by the insurance companies. Settlements are reached by considering factors such as current medical costs, future medical costs, long term care and rehabilitation costs, lost income due to missed work time, pain, suffering and, if applicable, funeral expenses, loss of companionship and loss of parental guidance. Sometimes a settlement cannot be obtained after a motor tort case. In these instances your attorney can take the case to trial and attempt to have the jury award you compensation and benefits via a favorable verdict. A skilled Bel Air Maryland Motor Tort Lawyer will be fully prepared and willing to take your case to trial on your behalf.

Contact A Bel Air Maryland Motor Tort Lawyer

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