Bel Air Highway Accidents

The state of Maryland, particularly the Baltimore area has an extraordinary amount of roads, highways, by-passes and interstates running through its length and width. Also, as Maryland borders Pennsylvania and Delaware it has a very high percentage of non-Maryland resident drivers on its many miles of roads. Many people living in neighboring states work, shop and enjoy the culture in the Baltimore & Suburban Maryland area. For the most part people drive in and around Maryland with no major problems or incidents. However, there is the potential of being involved in some type of car, truck or motorcycle accident while driving.

Harford County Maryland Highway Accident Lawyers

If you, a family member or a loved one are hurt, injured or killed in a Maryland Highway Accident it is in your best interest to consult with a I-95 Highway Accident Attorney. Please call The Law Office of David Batzer at 410 879 2002. In Elkton call 410 392 6300. Or, email the firm here. Harford County Highway Accident Lawyer David Batzer is an experienced Maryland Trial Lawyer. They will do their best to obtain a settlement for you and your families injuries. However, they also have the skill, knowledge & resources to take your case to trial if necessary.

Baltimore Area Highways And Interstates

Some of the more common roads, highway, and interstate accidents in Baltimore are:

I-95 Accidents Route 1 Accidents
I-695 Accidents Route 22 Accidents
I-97 Accidents Route 40 Accidents

Common Types Of Highway Accidents

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents on highways and interstates can vary and commonly include rear end collision accidents. These can occur at varying levels of speed depending on the road conditions and circumstances. Often, when changing lanes and not taking proper safety precautions such as looking in your blind spot, side swiping or front end clipping accidents can occur. On roads without medians, head on collisions may occur if one car drifts into the oncoming lane or proper passing techniques are not used. Catastrophic and fatal injuries can be caused in a highway accident if a large vehicle such as a tractor trailer, or commercial service vehicle is involved.

How An Edgewood, Maryland Highway Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Injuries and wrecked vehicles are just some of the casualties of an auto accident. Many times, you may need medical care, long term care, rehabilitation, medications and lost wage reimbursement. Working with a Maryland Accident Attorney is always in your best interest if you have been involved in an automobile accident or truck accident. They will determine the full amount of your claim and get you the financial compensation and medical care you are entitled to.

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If you have been involved in a car accident in Cecil County, Maryland or Harford County, Maryland call The Law Office of David Batzer at 410 879 2002. Or, call 410 392 6300 in Elkton.  North East, MD Highway Accident Lawyer David Batzer offers free consultations to accident victims and operates on a contingency fee basis meaning that he charges nothing unless they recover on your behalf.