Disc Injury Lawyer Maryland

Disc injuries are devastating back injuries that can cause a person to require extensive medical treatments resulting in missed work. When these injuries happen on the job, or due to another party’s negligence, an injured person may be able to receive compensation to cover their medical and other related costs.

Disc injuries can happen as the result of a fall, a work incident, a lifting incident, or an improperly manufactured product, and it is important to determine the exact cause of an injury before seeking a financial settlement to cover any costs. Disc injuries that occur in the workplace should be reported to an employer as quickly as possible in order to be eligible for workers compensation insurance, and a disc injury that happens due to the negligence of another party should be promptly reported as well.

What Happens after a Disc Injury

Not only do disc injuries cause a person to lose time at work, but they can also cause a person to temporarily or permanently lose their mobility. Injuries to discs are often so painful that acts as simple as walking can cause excruciating physical pain and stress, causing injured people to be incapacitated for an extended period of time. In order to diagnose a disc injury, a Maryland resident will often have to undergo an MRI for an official diagnosis, and then treatment plans will be mapped out according to the specific injury at hand. These types of injuries may require surgery, extensive physical therapy, or other treatments to completely fix, and medical bills surrounding the incident will often accumulate quickly.

Because the state of Maryland is home to so many excellent doctors and hospital facilities, these injuries are often able to be completely remedied, and people will be able to return to their normal lives. However, this is not the case exclusively and more severe disc injuries may lead to permanent impairment.

Disc Injuries in the Workplace

When a disc injury occurs in the workplace, a person may be entitled to workers compensation. Because these injuries are so common in situations of lifting heavy objects, they are not at all uncommon in occupations such as warehouse work or construction, and many employees will be covered under their employer’s workers compensation insurance. This will allow a person to pay for the medical bills and lost wages incurred as a result of their disc injury, and this type of compensation should always be sought if a disc injury happens to occur in the workplace.

Disc Injuries Due to Negligence

Disc injuries may also be caused due to the negligence of another party, and these often occur in slip and fall cases. Slip and fall cases will fall under the premises liability laws of Maryland, and a property owner may be required to provide compensation if their negligence caused one of their invitees or licensees an injury. If a person pursues a settlement or lawsuit as a result of their disc injury, they may be able to obtain financial relief for medical payments, lost wages, and pain and suffering to ease the burden that their injury has caused.

Disc Injuries Due to Car Accidents

Car accidents are another common cause of disc injuries in Maryland, and if the victim of the injury is not at fault for the accident, they may be able to receive compensation. This compensation will be awarded through the at-fault person’s insurance company, and reaching an appropriate settlement will often take some negotiations. The settlement being reached will be negotiated with an insurance claims adjuster whose job is to give out the lowest settlement amounts possible, but with the help of a personal injury attorney, an injured person can be awarded a satisfactory amount.

Types of Disc Injuries

There are many different types of disc injuries a person can experience, with some being more devastating to a person’s quality of life than others. Herniated, slipped, or ruptured discs are some of the most common types of disc injuries that occur in many different types of scenarios. These injuries will range from the minor and workable to the severe and incapacitating, but if these injuries are caused by another party or during the course of work, it is never unwise to seek compensation.

Lumbar disc injuries are also quite common, particularly in occupations that require heavy lifting. These injuries will affect both men and women of Maryland equally, and around 60% of the population of the United States will experience one of these types of injuries in their lifetime, however the severity will often be minor.

Hiring the Appropriate Attorney in Disc Injury Cases

When it comes to disc injury cases where another person is found to be at fault, or if the accident occurred in the workplace, it is always important that an appropriate attorney is hired. In most cases, this will be a personal injury or workers compensation attorney depending on a person’s individual situation, but a skilled attorney can provide invaluable assistance to a case. These attorneys realize all of the ins and outs of the law in their related field, and will be able to build and map out a plan that will give an injured person their best chance at a maximum settlement. Due to the expensive and ongoing nature of disc injuries, it is important that an injured person is able to receive some level of compensation for their injuries, and the right attorney will make sure of just that.