Were you injured in a serious car accident caused by another driver’s negligence in the Elkton, Chestertown, Havre De Grace or Bel Air, Maryland areas? Did someone you know suffer severe and life altering injuries due to an accident caused by a defective auto part or reckless driving behaviors? Are you missing significant time at work and losing income as a result? Are medical expenses growing every day as your injuries require medications, office visits, hospital stays and therapies? Do you know that per Maryland auto accident law you bay be entitled to benefits and monetary compensation for your injuries, medical costs, pain, suffering and lost wages? You should with a skilled attorney handling car accidents in Cecil, Kent and Harford County, Maryland.

Elkton MD Car Accident Lawyer David Batzer has many years experience handling car accidents. He represents people throughout Harford County, Kent County and Cecil County injured in serious car accidents caused by negligent drivers or defective automobile parts. He will examine your case and seek full and fair compensation for your losses and medical expenses.

For a free consultation with an experienced Bel Air Maryland Car Accident Lawyer please call (410) 879-2002 if you reside in Harford County. In Cecil County, call (410) 392-6300.

Experience Makes a Difference

Bel Air Maryland Car Accident Lawyer David Batzer has been practicing personal injury law in Cecil and Harford County, Maryland for more than 30 years. He is an experienced litigator and will take your case to court if insurance companies do not offer you a fair and just settlement. Insurance companies recognize Mr. Batzer as a seasoned Maryland trial attorney. They will often offer higher settlements just knowing that he is a real threat.

Over the years Bel Air Maryland Car Accident David Batzer has helped hundreds of auto accident victims recover damages by examining how the accident occurred and establishing who was at fault. Mr. Batzer handles all types of automobile accident cases in Harford & Cecil County Maryland including:

Benefits Awarded In Maryland Car Accident Cases

No two car accident cases are the same. Each can result in different injuries, the severity of the injuries are different and the impact the injuries have differ as well. For example older people may suffer more serious injuries during a low speed crash than a younger person. Also, liability differs  in each accident case and liability plays a role in determining what benefits may be obtained. Regardless, Maryland personal injury law allows for several benefits in a car, truck or motorcycle accidents case such as:

Pain & suffering

Medical expenses (current and future)

Lost wage compensation (current and future)

Death and funeral benefits in the event someone died in the accident

Consulting with an experienced Bel Air Maryland Car Accident Lawyer is a wise decision as they will examine your case, determine who all liable parties are and fight to get you the benefits and compensation you rightfully deserve.

No Fees Unless We Win

Accident victims can sometimes fall prey to the notion that with missing time at work due to the accident and mounting medical bills that there is no way they would be able to afford a Bel Air Maryland car accident lawyer. Many people worry that pursuing a lawsuit against a manufacturing company for a defective part, or seeking compensation for serious injuries is too expensive. At the Law Offices of David Batzer, P.A. we charge you nothing unless we win your case. Our firm covers all initial costs and investigates your claim for free.

The call to Dave costs you nothing. Contact the Law Offices of David Batzer, P.A., in Bel Air, to discuss your car accident claim with a knowledgeable lawyer.

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